9 (2009)

'9' is a fresh take on the post apocalyptic movie genre. Fresh because I can't think of another post apocalyptic movie featuring cute rag dolls. The movie is set in the future where the machines have completely wiped out all of mankind. Imagine Sarah Conor's ultimate nightmare come true, but with dolls and killer machines. The only remnants of humanity remains with a collection of rag dolls with #'s stitched on them. Our hero, #9 wakes up to a dark and gloomy world over run by machines. When he finds others like him, he must convince them to fight back against the machines to preserve their lives.
'9' showcases impressive graphics and action. What it lacks is direction. Who were the intended audience? On the outer surface, it seems like another animation made for kids. But, '9' is much too violent and heavy to be kid friendly. I just don't think the public realized it was meant for a more mature audience. Overall, '9' just felt very flat. The storyline was just not captivating and it was hard to feel any real connection to these dolls despite their cuteness. While '9' isn't terrible, I felt that it had good potential which was wasted due to its overall lack of direction.

Metascore- 60/100
Rotten Tomatoes- Audience- 58% Critics- 56%
Yong's Rating- 2.5/5 stars


Men in Black 3 (2012)

It's a known fact that Will Smith is the closest thing to a guaranteed box office success in Hollywood today. You put Will Smith in any movie and people will come. So, I can't really blame the studios for making a third Men in Black. You go to watch a blockbuster Will Smith movie to be entertained, to laugh and be thankful that you live in world where you can watch Will Smith travel through time to kick alien ass.
In this third installment of MIB, a dangerous alien outlaw known as Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) has escaped from a high security prison and is determined to kill the person who locked him up. He is willing to go to any length to destroy his nemesis even if that means traveling through time. Boris' action puts Agent K's (Tommy Lee Jones/ Josh Brolin) life in danger. Naturally, it's up to Agent J (Will Smith) to track down Boris the Animal and stop him before it is too late.
I actually found myself laughing and enjoying this movie very much. Josh Brolin delivers a dead on performance of the young Agent K and shares a good chemistry with Will Smith. 'MIB3' does what it's meant to do and it does it very well. It's fun and entertaining at every level. Exactly what you look for in a summer blockbuster movie. Refreshing, funny, action, Will Smith, go watch it.

IMDB- 7.2/10
Metascore- 58/100
Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 69% Audience- 74%
Yong's rating- 3.5/5 stars