Never Let Me Go (2010)

There's a serene quality about the way Carey Mulligan carries herself which makes her the perfect leading actress for a film like 'Never Let Me Go'. It moves with a calm slow pace and gives the viewers the time to take everything in. If you are not a fan of movies with slow pace and not much action (as in things going boom), then this movie probably isn't for you. The movie centers around three children growing up in a peaceful English countryside boarding school. Ruth(Kerira Knightley), Kathy(Carey Mulligen) and Tommy(Andrew Garfield) are close childhood friends whose fates are intertwined with each other in more ways than one.
The movie is told from the perspective of Kathy recalling her past and pondering what is to become of her future. As the film takes you back to her childhood and up to the present, you find out about the mystery surrounding her childhood. The dark secrets, romance, and tension buried between Kathy, Ruth and Tommy all come into light as well. The slow pace and beautiful backdrop of the countryside really made watching this movie just delightful. 'Never Let Me Go' is a smart, thoughtful film I would recommend to anyone willing to give it a try.

IMDB- 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes- critics-68%, audience- 72%
Yong's rating- 5/5 stars


  1. This is a haunting and thought provoking movie. I felt it was a bit too quiet and uneventful to fully resonate but I really can't argue with people who really liked it.

  2. yah, it was just one of those movies that really got to me.