Ghost Town (2008)

Ghost town is about a mean lonely dentist who only cares about himself. Dr. Pincus's (Ricky Gervais) favorite part of being a dentist is not having to listen to people talk while he works. he's not a people person. then, one day after a slight mishap (dead for slightly under 7 minutes) during a routine operation, Pincus can see dead people. naturally to Pincus' dislike, he is approached by ghosts wanting him to do things all ghost want people who can see them to do. help them finish their unfinished business. he is forced to do what he must to get the ghosts to leave him alone. Ghost town is full of quirky and dry humor provided by british funny man, Gervais. overall this movie is very light and enjoyable with a good message. it also teaches us that dental humor always works on the ladies.

rotten tomatoes- critics- 83% community- 90%
Yong Stars-7.5/10 (worth a look)


Oldboy (2003)*#

This week i'm recommending a korean movie which has quickly developed a cult following here in the states. Oldboy has a style that would make even Quentin Tarantino proud. It has a feeling of a Tarantino film with its mixture of violence and an unique, engaging storyline.
this movie is about revenge, which is a theme director Park Chan-wook uses frequently in his movies. the main character of the movie is kidnapped and prisoned in a hotel room for 15 years. when he is freed, he tries to make sense behind the reason behind his imprisonment, and to seek revenge at all cost. if violence isn't your thing, than is movie probably isn't for you. but, if you are in mood to try something different and aren't afraid of some disturbing images than i think you should give this movie a try. you'll understand why it has developed such a big cult status. also there's a rumor that this movie is going to be remade by Spielberg starring Will Smith. i don't see why you would mess with something that isn't broke, but that's just me. anyways, you can be cool in front of your friends and say you saw the original Oldboy before hollywood messed with it.

#-imdb-8.3/10 (#118 in top 250)
rotten tomatoes- critics-81% community- 93%
Yong Stars-10/10 (must see)
*One of 1001 movies to see before you die


Hoop Dreams (1994)*@

This week's recommendation is my favorite documentary film. I know what you are thinking. why would i want to watch a three hour documentary about high school basketball? I don't even like sports! Well, for one thing it is a very well made movie. It took more than four years to make, so i think that justifies its three hour length. most importantly, it isn't just a sports movie. it is a movie about life, specifically, the harsh realities of life in the inner city.
I became interested in this movie because of my love for chicago high school basketball. however, after viewing the movie, i quickly realized that basketball was just a back drop to a story about two families and their everyday struggle to achieve the so-called american dream.
The film crew follows the lives of two young basketball prodigies as they go through their four years of high school. William Gates and Arthur Agee both receive scholarship to attend a basketball powerhouse famously known for producing chicago legend and an NBA great, Isiah Thomas. the two start out at the same place but their paths do not lead the same way. through the course of the four years, you get to know the two kids and their families. and what you witness is nothing but the reality of life, both the good and the bad. for Agee and Gates, basketball wasn't just a game, it was everything. it was the hope for a path out of their neighborhood to a better way of life. It is a dream only a few can hope to achieve. Hoop Dreams does a brilliant job of sharing two of those very endearing stories with the rest of the world.

Imdb- 7.9
Rotten Tomatoes- critics- 98% community- 92%
@-one of Ebert's great movies.
Yong stars-10/10 (must see)
*one of 1001 movies to see before you die


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was not made for everyone (which explains why did so poorly at the box office). This is clear just by glancing through the trailers. This movie was made for the anime/videogame-loving geeks everywhere (yes, i am one too). It completely embraces all of its quirky nerdiness and does not tone it down for anyone. The movie feels as if it was directed by someone with a serious case of ADD (directed by Edgar Wright, the genius behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) as the audience is constantly bombarded with its self-proclamation of all things nerdy and epic. It's like watching a group of fabulously dressed flamboyant gay men at a gay pride parade. Simply great entertainment and fun. Which brings me to the point that you need to be open-minded to enjoy this movie since it will stop making any sense at all very quick.
The movie is about Scott Pilgrim (cera), a 22 yrs old, dorky bass player starting out a platonic relationship with a 17 year old high school girl while recovering from a nasty break-up with his ex-girlfriend. One night he has a dream about a girl, who he meets and is convinced that she is the girl of his dreams. It is easy to see why Romona Flowers (winstead) would be the girl of your dreams. However, Scott quickly learns that being with Romona will not be easy as simply breaking up with his high school girlfriend. He must fight and kill all of her seven evil-ex's in order to be with her. The fights do get a bit repetitive toward the end, but they are still entertaining (again with the open-mind thing, you will hate this movie, if you do not go along with the all the fighting).
I just want to add that Michael Cera is the perfect actor to play Scott Pilgrim, and that he needs to make as much movies as possible before he passes puberty and can't play the same George Michael character anymore. He is like a sad lost puppy that you can't help but love.
This movie is based on a comic book, and just as Sin City revolutionized the graphic novel to movie genre. I believe that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World does the same thing, but in its own unique nerdy way. So if you want to bring out the inner nerd in you, then by all means go and check out this movie. Player 1! Ready! Fight! Game Over!

Rotten Tomatoes- critics-80% community-82%
yong stars-8/10 (Recommended)

Inception (2010)#

Inception is the new film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Just as in his other two famous movies (Memento and Dark Knight), Nolan creates a strong male lead with tortured soul trying to correct his mistakes. In a time where the box office is dominated by prequels, sequels, wizards and vampires it is refreshing to see someone with the vision and balls to deliver an intelligent original idea.
Inception is a thought-provoking film that requires its viewers to keep up with the storyline, but it does not cross that fine line of being way too smart and alienating the majority of the audience.
The film is about two guys with the technology to invade into dreams of its targets and steal valuable informations. Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt deliver very strong performances as the lead characters. When one of their missions doesn't turn out the way it was planned, they are forced to work for the man who was their target. I won't go too much into the detail of the movie, because it will be way more fun for you to find out on your own. I highly recommend Inception to everyone, especially to those who are tired of all hearing about team edward and team jacob.

#-IMDB-9.3/10 currently #3 on top 250
Rotten tomatoes- critics- 85%, community- 93%
Yong stars- 10/10 (must see)

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)*#

Imagine yourself trapped inside your own body. you can't move, you can't speak, a simple blink of the eyes is all you can manage. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is based on a remarkable true story of the former France Elle editor, Jean-Dominique Bauby, who suffered a stroke which left his body paralyzed. The film moves slowly and truly gives you a sense of what Bauby is going through. Cinematography does a great job of giving the audience a chance to view life from Bauby's own eyes. What stood out most for me in this movie was the way Bauby chooses to live out his life despite his condition. It makes you realize just how fragile life can be, but with the right attitude and a great imagination, you can find ways to persevere even during the toughest of times.

#-Imdb- 8.1 (Top 250: #203)
Rotten Tomato- Critics: 94% Community-95%
Yong's Stars-8.5/10 (highly recommended)
*one of 1001 movies to see before you die.

Finding Neverland (2004)

-Hello everyone, I had started making movie recommendations from my facebook notes, and i have decided to start blogging instead. I will gradually move most of my reviews from facebook to the blog and start to make new reviews as well. Happy movie watching! here's my first post from when i decided to start making movie recommendations.

-Since I love watching movies, i mean who doesn't? I've decided to start recommending a movie every or every other week, in other words whenever i feel like it. everyone has been out at the local movie rental store and couldn't find a movie to rent, or in today's terms, queue up on your netflix. so i'm just trying to help out. I will write about how i discovered the movie and why i think it is worth watching.
so I thought I would start out with a wonderful movie i discovered during one of my own long trips to the blockbuster. That movie is Finding Neverland, directed by Marc Forster, who i believe is one of best directors making movies today. when i first picked up the box for Finding Neverland, I thought, who needs another movie about peter pan, and i put the box down. after circling around the entire store about five more times, i found myself back at the same spot. once again i picked up the casing, and by this time, a movie about peter pan didn't sound too bad. i mean i loved Hooked. Plus it starred Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, so i thought it couldn't be too terrible. once i watched the movie, it quickly became one of my favorite movies, and i was glad there was nothing else good to rent that night.
Finding Neverland is about the author of Peter Pan, and how he was inspired to write the timeless classic. the movie is heartwarming and shows what a wonderful gift a child's imagination is. also how a little kindness to a stranger could build into lasting friendships. Johnny Depp and Kate are superb in this film and truly makes you feel what they are going through. who wouldn't mind taking a little trip to Neverland?

Imdb rating-8/10
Rotten tomato- 91%, critic-83%
Yong's Stars-10/10 (must see)