Date Night (2010)

Date Night is a really cute movie that's hard not to like. Perhaps it's because it stars two of the most likable people in Hollywood, Steve Carell and Tina Fey. Now that i got that out of the way, i gotta be a little critical with this movie. I just didn't feel there was much chemistry between the two. They seemed like two really good comedians at a improv class playing a boring couple looking for a little excitement to spark their marriage. Except it's on the big screen. Fortunately, the two stars have enough charm and charisma to carry this film and make it enjoyable. It was just too hard to dislike steve carrell and tina fey, and in the end i was won over by their cuteness. I'm sure they will get to you too.

Rotten Tomatoes-critics-67% community-59%
Yong's Rating-7/10 (worth a look)


  1. i found your blog through 20sb. i just saw this movie two nights ago. the funniest moment was dance scene, but the rest fell flat for me. i love your blog!

  2. haha. that was a fun scene! thanks for the kind words!