Everyone Says I Love You (1996)

Do you have a movie you like to watch whenever you are having a bad day or a week to help cheer you up? For me that movie is Everyone Says I Love You. Watching this musical romantic comedy about a quirky upper class New York family always has a way of brightening my mood. This is one of those special movies that I can watch over and over again and it makes me smile every time. The dance scene under the bridge by the moonlight is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time, it's just magical. I think that's what draws me to movies so much, it's for those magical scenes and moments in films that just grabs you and makes you forget about all your troubles even for just a few minutes or even seconds. So, what movies do you like to watch to cheer up?

Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 78%, audience -63%
Yong's Rating- 10/10 (must see)

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