Love Actually (2003)

When is it more appropriate time for a heart warming film than the holidays? If you are looking for that feel good movie for this time of year, look no further than Love Actually. This British romantic comedy revolves around the lives of a group of individuals from all walks of life searching for love during the holidays. Whether it is a young shy boy worrying about his first crush or a man being madly in love with his best friend's girl, there's sure to be a storyline that will capture your attention.
This movie is smarter and funnier than the majority of romantic comedies out these days. Even those of you guys who dread rom-coms may find this watchable. The cast is excellent with extremely likable roles. The overall message of this film is that love actually exists everywhere and all you have to do is just look hard enough. Whether you believe that or not, it's good to feel that people are capable of so much love especially during this time of the year.

Rotten Tomatoes- critics- 63% audience- 71%
Yong's rating- 8.5/10 (recommended)



    Indeed, the storylines are great and will undeniably catch ones attention.

    To all readers, if you haven't seen LOVE ACTUALLY yet, do so in the very super imminently near future.