Kick Ass (2010) #

Directed by Matthew Vaughan, Kick Ass is as a bold of a movie as its title suggests. It is in your face violence mixed in with some quirky humor. Based on a comic book, it does contain fantasy elements, but with very real life consequences mainly in form of graphic violence. The movie basically has two storylines. One is about an awkward comic geek teenager (Aaron Johnson) who creates the persona of Kick-Ass in order to escape his boring life and for the adrenaline of becoming a loved superhero. Another is about a father (Nic Cage) and daughter (Chloe Moretz), who are much more legitimate superheroes than Kick-Ass. They form the superhero team of Big Daddy and Hit Girl and are on a mission to take down one of the biggest bad guys in town. So basically the movie is about Kick-Ass' struggle to become a superhero and Big Daddy and Hit Girl's mission to take down their nemesis. And of course, their paths do cross.
I did find this movie to be quick-witted and fun to watch for the most part, but I have to warn that this movie is definitely intended for mature audience and those who don't like violence and vulgar language should just stand clear of this one. If you aren't easily offended and are fan of quirky humor mixed with some graphic violence then this movie is worth a look.

#-IMDB-8.1/10 (Top 250: #192)
Rotten Tomatoes- critics- 75% community- 83%
Yong's rating- 7.7/10 (worth a look)


  1. also wrote a review about this. i think moretz did a magnificent job here. i'm waiting for her 'Let Me In' movie.

  2. I'm also looking forward to seeing her in Let Me In, and also see how it compares to Let the Right One In.