My Sassy Girl (2001) '엽기적인 그녀'

If you are an asian teenage girl, you've probably already seen this movie multiple times and cried your eyes out. This review is for those of you who have never heard of this movie or have made the unfortunate mistake of watching the American version first. If there's one thing Koreans do well it's making sad/emotional soap operas and movies. Trust me.
'My Sassy Girl' is one of the most successful movies in South Korea and East Asia in recent years. It tells the story of a very unlikely couple. Cha Tae Hyun is a lazy college student with no direction in life. A chance meeting with a mysterious drunk girl in the subway changes everything. Cha is forced to take care of the passed out drunk girl when the passengers mistakenly believe him to be her boyfriend. The mysterious drunk girl is played by Jeon Ji Hyun. And as the title suggests, she is very sassy and not afraid to speak her mind in front of anyone. After the incident, the two meet each other and start seeing each other regularly. Dating Jeon is not easy. She must get everything she wants when she wants it. She does not take no for an answer. The movie is told from Cha's perspective and recounts his crazy (and sometimes painful) experience of dating his sassy girl. I believe the film is based on a true story.
Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun's charisma and comedic timing really make this film a very fun experience. Sure there are some references that gets lost in translation but what foreign movie doesn't that. I'm not going to lie, this movie sets up to play with your emotions and pull at your heart. So if you are not into the melodrama then I suggest you skip this one. Watching this movie is kind of like riding an emotional roller coaster. It'll have you laughing out loud one moment and then have you holding back your tears few moments later. There are several memorable scenes that will be hard to forget. My favorite scene was Cha Tae Hyun listing off his suggestions for dating Jeon Ji Hyun to her blind date. That had to be the emotional climax of the movie. 'My Sassy Girl' is one of my favorite korean movies and if you are a fan of romantic comedies and want to try something a little different I highly suggest you give the sassy girl a try. You don't want to make her mad.

Rotten tomatoes- N/A
Yong's rating-4/5 stars

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