Elf (2003)

Elf is another one of my favorite movies to watch during the holidays. If you still haven't seen Elf yet, just turn on USA network sometime this month. I'm betting there's about 50% chance that it will be playing. Will Ferrell is at top comedic form with his role as Buddy the Elf. If there was some kind elf oscars, he would've won it easily. I mean I was certain that smiling was indeed his favorite. The rest of the cast does an excellent job of supplementing Will Ferrell and setting him up for his jokes.
Elf tells the story of Buddy the elf, who grows up with Santa and the elves on the North Pole without realizing that he is human. Then, one day he learns about his real identity and that his real father lives in New York city. Buddy decides to go on an adventure to meet his father and tell him that he loves him. Buddy soon learns that NYC is a long ways from the North Pole. Even through the tough times, Buddy manages to spread the Christmas cheer and even fall in love with a lovely girl ( Zooey Deschanel).
Elf is just a really enjoyable holiday movie you can watch with everyone in your family. This movie is filled with laughter and a good clean message. Perfect for the holidays. Just remember the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 84%, Audience- 73%
Yong's rating-8/10 (must see for the holidays)


  1. I used to hate that movie, and then I watched it again a couple weeks ago, and it's actually really good. Nice.

  2. yah, i actually saw this first in the theater. I wasn't too impressed at first, but it's one of those movies that just grow on you.