You Again (2010)

'You Again' may have been an engaging and funny movie if I was still four years old and only understood Korean. Kristin Bell plays Marni, who goes through hell during high school. She is the social outcast of the school and is constantly bullied. The grown up Marni is a confident, sexy, and successful business woman. When she comes back home for her brother's (James Wolk) wedding, she learns that the girl (Odette Annable) her brother is marrying is the same girl who was responsible for her nightmare known as high school. When her high school nemesis refuses to apology and goes as far as to say she doesn't even remember her, Marni is determined to show her brother who he's really marrying.
Bad screenplay and over the top acting makes 'You Again' very hard to enjoy. The movie is very predictable and wastes talents of some very good actresses like Sigourney Weaver. Also Kristin Bell really needs to look for better roles if she ever wants to be taken seriously as a real actress because she has the charm and charisma to be a very good leading actress. But then again, maybe her goal is to dominate the really bad romantic comedy movie genre. She's doing a damn good job at it. Don't watch this please. I made the mistake of browsing through netflix and being really bored and thinking hey that Kristin Bell is pretty cute. That's how she gets you every time.

Metascore- 28/100
Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 18%, Audience- 45%
Yong's Rating- 1/5 Stars

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