To Rome With Love (2012)

'To Rome with Love' is Woody Allen's latest romantic comedy. It continues Woody's recent trend of filming in Europe. Set in the romantic city of Rome, the film tells the stories of an eclectic group of people brought together by the magical city. The ensemble cast features notable actors like Judy Davis, Roberto Benigni, Alison Pill, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, and the return of Woody Allen. And as with any Woody movie, the city itself becomes one of the characters. Each of the stories feature light hearted fun mixed with romance, drama, and philosophical thoughts explored in many of Allen's films. While 'To Rome with Love' may not be one of Allen's better films, it's something his fans would definitely enjoy, especially seeing him back on the big screen.

IMDB- 6.5/10
Metascore- 55/100
Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 45% Audience- 49%
Yong's Rating- 3/5 stars

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