Thanks for all the memories and laughter...

I was shocked to hear about Robin Williams passing away today. I feel that entertainers as talented as Williams become part of our lives whether we realize it or not. We grow up watching them, sometimes we watch them grow up in front of our eyes. And in some silly way, we come to believe that we know them better than some of our own friends. They enter our lives through televisions and the big screens. They delight us with their bigger than life personalities. They make us laugh, think, and cry. For a brief period of time, they help us forget about whatever distractions and worries we have in our lives.
Often times, I make the mistake of believing that the big Hollywood stars live in a perfect fantasy world that us regular folks can only dream of. But, the harsh reality is that even the stars must face and battle with the same demons that all of us struggle with in our daily lives. Robin Williams always seemed invincible to me with his bigger than life personality and his big smile and laughter that always seemed to fill up the room. I was very sad to read about the personal struggles that he has been facing in his life and his battle with addiction. I hope he has found peace. I will always remember his big, bright smile and all the beautiful memories he has given us through the years.

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