Bright Eyes playlist.

I've been meaning to write up reviews for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Magic in the Moonlight' but I've been lazy. I'm sure they'll get done eventually. In the meantime, I tried to pick my top 10 favorite Bright Eyes/ Conor Oberst songs, but it was too hard. So, here's my list, slightly over 10 songs in no particular order.
'First Day of My Life', 'Let's Not Shit Ourselves', 'Trees get wheeled away', 'We are nowhere and it's now', 'Bowl of Oranges', 'The Happiest Place on Earth', 'An Attempt to Tip the Scale', 'Take it easy', 'Loose Leaves', 'False Advertising', 'The Calendar Hung Itself', 'Hit the Switch', 'Zigzagging Towards the Light'.
For all the Conor fans, did I miss any of your favorites?

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