Favorite Woody Allen Scenes

If you follow my blog, you probably figured Woody Allen is one of my favorite directors. I've compiled some of my favorite scenes from his movies that I could find on youtube, mostly so I have to place to watch them when I want to. If you happen to be a Woody Allen fan too, hope you enjoy them.

Opening Scene from 'Manhattan'- Allen's ode to the city he loves. One of my favorite opening scenes.

Contemplating why life is worth living from 'Manhattan'

Hell Scene from 'Deconstructing Harry'

Cello Scene from 'Take the Money and Run'

Sunday morning scene from 'Stardust Memories'

Suicide attempt scene from 'Hannah and Her Sisters'

Date scene from "Everything you always wanted to know about sex...'

Movie line scene from 'Annie Hall'

Dance Scene from 'Everyone Says I Love You'- my favorite scene.

Universe talk scene from 'September'

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