Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

I've been occupied lately with studying for part II dental boards exam, so that's been consuming a lot of my movie watching time. Just to clear my head for a few hours, I wanted to watch something where I didn't have to think too much. While browsing through netflix, Prince of Persia caught my eyes. I had a feeling it would be a perfect movie for not thinking. In that regards, I was not disappointed. I mean, the title itself pretty much gives away the entire plot of the movie. Don't you love it when titles do that?
'Prince of Persia' is adaptation of a popular videogame starring Jake Gyllenhaal as prince Dastan, the youngest prince of Persia. During an invasion of an enemy city, the young prince Dastan gets hold of a dagger containing magical sands with the power to turn back time. Following the invasion, he is falsely accused of killing the king. Dastan makes a daring escape with the captured princess (Gemma Arterton), who is the guardian of the dagger. The prince and princess quickly learn life as fugitives is a dangerous one. Dastan must learn to use the power of the dagger to clear his name and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
This movie wasn't as bad as all the reviews I've read made it out to be. In fact, if I was still a four year old boy, this would have easily been one of my top 3 movies of 2010. Bam.

Rotten Tomatoes- Critics-36%, Audience- 71%
Yong's Rating- 2/5 Stars

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  1. It was entertaining, and I had fun with this material the only problem was that it didn't do much else that I wasn't already expecting. Good Review!