An Honest Liar (2015)

'An Honest Liar' is a fascinating look into the life of James Randi. I'll admit I had no idea who James Randi was before watching this documentary, but as soon as it started, I was drawn in right to the end. 'An Honest Lair' tells the story of James 'The Amazing' Randi, a famous stage magician and escape artist who devotes the second half of his life to expose paranormal healers, psychics, and con artists to the public. Randi devotes his life to open the public's eyes to truth behind the workings of the con artists. The behind the scene battles between Randi and the con artists is told in a way any great documentary does. It flows seamlessly and I was simply drawn to the screen. In the backdrop is the person, James Randi himself. If you enjoy watching well made documentaries, then I would highly recommend 'An Honest Lair'. You won't regret it. Trust me. 

IMDB- 7.7/10
Metascore- 76%
Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 97% Audience- 93%

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