Ghost Town (2008)

Ghost town is about a mean lonely dentist who only cares about himself. Dr. Pincus's (Ricky Gervais) favorite part of being a dentist is not having to listen to people talk while he works. he's not a people person. then, one day after a slight mishap (dead for slightly under 7 minutes) during a routine operation, Pincus can see dead people. naturally to Pincus' dislike, he is approached by ghosts wanting him to do things all ghost want people who can see them to do. help them finish their unfinished business. he is forced to do what he must to get the ghosts to leave him alone. Ghost town is full of quirky and dry humor provided by british funny man, Gervais. overall this movie is very light and enjoyable with a good message. it also teaches us that dental humor always works on the ladies.

rotten tomatoes- critics- 83% community- 90%
Yong Stars-7.5/10 (worth a look)

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