Inception (2010)#

Inception is the new film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Just as in his other two famous movies (Memento and Dark Knight), Nolan creates a strong male lead with tortured soul trying to correct his mistakes. In a time where the box office is dominated by prequels, sequels, wizards and vampires it is refreshing to see someone with the vision and balls to deliver an intelligent original idea.
Inception is a thought-provoking film that requires its viewers to keep up with the storyline, but it does not cross that fine line of being way too smart and alienating the majority of the audience.
The film is about two guys with the technology to invade into dreams of its targets and steal valuable informations. Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt deliver very strong performances as the lead characters. When one of their missions doesn't turn out the way it was planned, they are forced to work for the man who was their target. I won't go too much into the detail of the movie, because it will be way more fun for you to find out on your own. I highly recommend Inception to everyone, especially to those who are tired of all hearing about team edward and team jacob.

#-IMDB-9.3/10 currently #3 on top 250
Rotten tomatoes- critics- 85%, community- 93%
Yong stars- 10/10 (must see)


  1. I LOVED IT!
    Absolutely amazing, mind-blowing and captivating.
    DiCaprio was amazing, although im not a big fan...

  2. Yup, this was an amazing movie!