Oldboy (2003)*#

This week i'm recommending a korean movie which has quickly developed a cult following here in the states. Oldboy has a style that would make even Quentin Tarantino proud. It has a feeling of a Tarantino film with its mixture of violence and an unique, engaging storyline.
this movie is about revenge, which is a theme director Park Chan-wook uses frequently in his movies. the main character of the movie is kidnapped and prisoned in a hotel room for 15 years. when he is freed, he tries to make sense behind the reason behind his imprisonment, and to seek revenge at all cost. if violence isn't your thing, than is movie probably isn't for you. but, if you are in mood to try something different and aren't afraid of some disturbing images than i think you should give this movie a try. you'll understand why it has developed such a big cult status. also there's a rumor that this movie is going to be remade by Spielberg starring Will Smith. i don't see why you would mess with something that isn't broke, but that's just me. anyways, you can be cool in front of your friends and say you saw the original Oldboy before hollywood messed with it.

#-imdb-8.3/10 (#118 in top 250)
rotten tomatoes- critics-81% community- 93%
Yong Stars-10/10 (must see)
*One of 1001 movies to see before you die

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  1. Definitely one of the best... acting of choi minsik and yoo jitae was godly!