Finding Neverland (2004)

-Hello everyone, I had started making movie recommendations from my facebook notes, and i have decided to start blogging instead. I will gradually move most of my reviews from facebook to the blog and start to make new reviews as well. Happy movie watching! here's my first post from when i decided to start making movie recommendations.

-Since I love watching movies, i mean who doesn't? I've decided to start recommending a movie every or every other week, in other words whenever i feel like it. everyone has been out at the local movie rental store and couldn't find a movie to rent, or in today's terms, queue up on your netflix. so i'm just trying to help out. I will write about how i discovered the movie and why i think it is worth watching.
so I thought I would start out with a wonderful movie i discovered during one of my own long trips to the blockbuster. That movie is Finding Neverland, directed by Marc Forster, who i believe is one of best directors making movies today. when i first picked up the box for Finding Neverland, I thought, who needs another movie about peter pan, and i put the box down. after circling around the entire store about five more times, i found myself back at the same spot. once again i picked up the casing, and by this time, a movie about peter pan didn't sound too bad. i mean i loved Hooked. Plus it starred Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, so i thought it couldn't be too terrible. once i watched the movie, it quickly became one of my favorite movies, and i was glad there was nothing else good to rent that night.
Finding Neverland is about the author of Peter Pan, and how he was inspired to write the timeless classic. the movie is heartwarming and shows what a wonderful gift a child's imagination is. also how a little kindness to a stranger could build into lasting friendships. Johnny Depp and Kate are superb in this film and truly makes you feel what they are going through. who wouldn't mind taking a little trip to Neverland?

Imdb rating-8/10
Rotten tomato- 91%, critic-83%
Yong's Stars-10/10 (must see)

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