Before Sunrise (1995)

A guy on a trip to a foreign country meets a girl on a train, hits it off, and spends an amazing romantic day with her in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Sounds too cliche to be a believable movie? Well, you would think so on the surface. However, Before Sunrise is a very intelligent and intimate film that takes a close look at the nature of relationships and life. Ethan Hawke plays Jesse, a free-spirited American on a trip to Europe, and Julie Delpy play Celine, a neurotic French grad student. The two meet by chance on a train and strike up a conversation. Jesse has only one day left to spend in Europe and persuades Julie to spend the day with him in Vienna before he has to leave. When the two gets off the train together, we are treated to watching the two strangers find out more about themselves and each other through series of engaging conversations behind the backdrop of beautiful Vienna streets. The film is very slow-moving, but it does a great job of creating character development and i genuinely felt interested in hearing their opinions. This movie may not be for everyone. It is a very refreshing take from the everyday romantic movies, that anyone interested should watch.

Rotten Tomatoes- Critics-100%, community-92%
Yong's Rating-8.3/10 (recommended)

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