Rating system

I've decided to rate the movies i review as well. I'll call it Yong's star system. here's the breakdown.

0-4 = awful movies in my opinion. do not recommend. Watch at your own risk.
e.g.- Ghost Ship, AVP:Alien vs. Predators, White Noise, Junior, etc.

5-7 = Worth a look if you are fan of the actors, director, or the genre. Worth a rental.
e.g- Adam, Once, Hancock, Greenberg, Crazy Heart, Kick-Ass, Avatar, etc.

8-10 = highly recommend. Go watch it now!
e.g. - Hoop Dreams, 8 1/2, Oldboy, Godfather, Amelie, Seventh Seal, Garden State, Manhattan, etc.

Whether you like a certain movie or not is up to you, and this is just my humble opinion.

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