Up (2009)#

Here's my review of Up (2009) from last year. enjoy.

Up is the new movie from Pixar. and like any other Pixar movies, it is hard not to resist its charm. Up tells the story of Carl Fredricksen, who we first see as a young boy. he meets and falls in love with his wife to be, Ellie. the start of the movie establishes the strong love between Carl and Ellie as we watch clips of them starting their lives and growing old together. the rest of the movie is about the old Mr.Fredricksen who is all alone following the death of his sweetheart. As you can tell from the title and movie posters, Mr.Fredricksen flies his house up using a lot of balloons. he does this to keep a promise he made to Ellie as a young boy. and the wonderful adventure starts. he lands in a mysterious land along with a talkative young wilderness explorer where he meets talking dogs and a fast moving bird. Up really is a sweet movie that everyone can enjoy. and one you should check out if you are looking for a uplifting story.

#-imdb- 9.2/10 #151 in top 250
Rotten tomatoes- critics-98% community-90%
Yong's star-9/10 (highly recommended)


  1. i thought you would give Up a score of 10, which pixar movie do you consider a perfect 10then ?

  2. Hmm, Toy story and Wall-E. Up is pretty close though. Ratings don't really matter, i just do it to put a number onto things. it's highly recommended!