Wild Strawberries (1957)*#

My personal experience with films in general can be divided into before and after I was introduced to the works of Ingmar Bergman. I've always been a casual fan of movies and knew that certain movies were better than others. But, as I got older I began to notice that certain directors made the movie watching experience much more special. They had a way of reaching me in a personal level that I never realized movies were capable of doing. Bergman uses his films to explore the deepest fears and desires of the human condition with such honesty. Wild Strawberries is one of my favorite Bergman films because it is so personal and I feel that I can watch it at different points in my life and learn something new from it every time. Here is my review of Wild Strawberries. Before I continue with the review, I just want to add that I was very impressed by the performance of the beautiful, Bibi Andersson. Also, Victor Sjostrom's portrayal of Dr. Isak Borg is one of the most authentic performance I have ever seen in movies.
This film is told from the perspective of Dr. Isak Borg, who we are introduced to as an old man being haunted by vivid nightmares of death. Isak is about to receive a honorary emeritus degree from an university. He decides on a whim to take the long drive to the university instead of flying. During the drive, Isak is haunted by visions of his past, feelings of emptiness, and realization of a life wasted away. Bergman's use of imagery in the dream sequences in this film is just amazing and sets a groundwork for future film makers to emulate.
Even with his numerous achievements and good standing in the community, Isak is all alone, resented by his son and those who are closest to him. Isak's self-reflections into his past and visions of haunting nightmares causes him to examine himself for who he really is and how he has hurt and alienated those closest to him throughout his life. Even though he has already spent the better part of his life, mostly in bitter solitude, there seems to a glimpse of possibility of hope for a change for the better for the old professor.

#-IMDB-8.3/10 (#153 on top 250)
Rotten Tomatoes- Critics-94% Community-94%
Yong's Rating- 10/10 (Must see)
* One of 1001 movies you must watch before you die.

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