Moon (2009)

If sci-fi movies are your thing, then Moon is definitely a movie you should consider adding to your must see list. It takes place in the future where the world's source of energy is harvested on a station on the moon by a single astronaut commissioned for 3 year contract. Sam Rockwell delivers a brilliant performance as the astronaut on the verge of finishing his contracted time and longing to get back to earth and his family. Basically, Sam Rockwell steals the show, because, well, he's pretty much the only person in the movie. And, that's a good thing in this case. I'm not going to get into too much details of the movie. the less you know about the movie, more you'll enjoy it. So if you are looking for an engaging, thrilling, and well-made sci-fi film, go check out Moon.

Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 89% community-95%
Yong's Rating- 8.5/10 (worth a look)

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