The Wrestler (2008)#

In The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke plays an over the hill wrestler, whose body is beginning to break down. Randy 'The Ram' Robinson's best days of professional wrestling are long gone. A man who used to headline at Madison Square Garden is now fighting at small local auditoriums with fighters young enough to be his kids. I think this movie does an excellent job of realistically portraying the behind the scene action of professional wrestling. I haven't watched professional wrestling since elementary school days, but I still have a lot of respect for all the wrestlers for the way they sacrifice their bodies to do what they love to do.

From the start of the movie, you can see right away that wrestling is the only thing that The Ram ever knew how to do and the only thing he truly feels comfortable doing. Mickey Rourke plays a man who is full of character flaws. He lives his life carelessly, just as his persona in the ring. But, even with all his flaws he is just so charismatic and likable that i just couldn't help but cheer and pull for him.

Marisa Tomei also shines in her role as Mickey Rourke's love interest. She plays a stripper, who like The Ram, is also past her prime. And maybe this is why Mickey Rourke's character is so drawn to her. The ram gets an opportunity to relive his past glory one last time with a dream re-match, and also another chance to make amends with his daughter (played by Evan Rachel Woods). However, as with any good wrestling match, nothing ever goes as smoothly as planned.

# IMDB-8.2/10 (#151 on Top 250)

Rotten Tomatoes- Critics- 98% Community- 86%

Yong's Rating 9/10 (highly recommended)


  1. There are other good wrestling movies? Cool. What are they?

    Lazarus Lupin
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  2. Hmm, can't really think of any other good wrestling movies.