Into the Wild (2007)#

Into the wild chronicles the true story of Christopher McCandless, who upon graduating from college decided to give up everything in society to go on a journey to be one with nature. Emile Hirsch does an excellent job in this movie, and shows a lot of potential. This movie also features a very good soundtrack. Frustrated with the society's obsession of materialistic goods and the hypocrisy of his parents, Chris leaves his identity behind and hits the road away from society. His main goal is to spend time in the wildness of Alaska and survive off the land. Along the journey of self-discovery, Chris comes across wonderful group of people who he develops lasting relationships with, and discovers some valuable life lessons as well. This movie is a touching personal look into one young individual's search for true happiness. Watch it and you just might learn something from it as well.

#IMDB-8.2/10 (#144 on Top 250)
Rotten Tomatoes- critics-82% Community- 90%
Yong's rating-7.8/10 (worth a look)


  1. Maybe it is because i new what was coming at the end but i can never watch this to the end it is just too sad.

  2. his ambition for adventure and self-discovery was very inspiring though. I wish I had the guts to do what he did.