The Road (2009)

Based on a novel, 'The Road', tells a haunting tale of a father and son's survival in a post-apolyatic world. The film really doesn't explain what exactly happened to earth, but there is only remnants of civilization remaining. It is a cold and harsh world filled with darkness, ash, and little to no signs of life. Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smith-McPhee play the father and son on the road in search for a anything better. The journey on the road is very difficult as they make desperate search for food and shelter. There are even occasional dangerous encounters with group of wild cannibals. The entire atmosphere of the movie is very gloomy and dark. Just as you would expect the end of civilization to be like. I recommend this movie to anyone who are fans of the end of world movie genre. If it's a happy Hollywood ending you are looking for, then you should stay clear of this road.

Rotten Tomatoes-critics- 75% community-64%
Yong's Rating- 7.5/10 (worth a look)


  1. I loved the Road! One of the best, and maybe the most realistic, post-apocalyptic movies I've seen to date!

  2. Yah, it sure does have a very realistic and dark feel to it.